We are a training facility that specializes in giving horses the chance they deserve to be competitive and happy show horses.


Isaac Leffkowitz

Owner and Head Trainer

Most people that spent a good amount of time with Isaac as a child, considered him to be an “old soul”. He always had a feel for what people were experiencing, emotionally, before they expressed it. At the age of 5, it showed itself primarily through his observations with horses and dogs. His gift was unusual. Isaac wasn’t capable of masking or censoring his surface feelings any differently than did the horses he took care of on the Kansas City ranch he grew up on.

At 10, he started training ponies. That direct, uncensored authenticity is what his horses came to expect and what they reacted to. He didn’t need a bucket of feed or a lunge whip to have a discussion. His body’s intent was enough. You’ll see that today as you watch him work a spoiled show horse or a mechanical jumper who’s lost her ability to think for herself.

Isaac grew up in a balanced mix of city and extreme trail riding. He shadowed his Dad through high-quality Quarter horses, Gaited breeds and all the way through his Dad’s sole preference for skilled mountain Mules. Isaac at the age of 13, he was invited to the world of Foxhunting and discovered the English saddle and unforgiving stone 3 footers. That’s all it took. Isaac worked with the 800.00-grade quality animals he could buy at sale barns and ended up developing in them, almost the same finesse and show jumping skills that allowed he and them to place in 6-figure horse competition… even once on a mule, he named “Just a Mule”, for the show.

After graduating high school early, Isaac left home to apprentice for years, with a mix of some of the strongest classical trainers as well as unique out of the box “mission impossible” rehab trainers. Last chance horses. It was here that 6 and 7-figure horses with complicated issues were therapeutically brought back to a life of enjoying their work and doing it well. Here, Isaac found his greatest pleasure in returning dignity to both the horse and just as importantly, it’s owner. Ultimately, the reward of taking a proven winner and adding a little more sparkle to its’ round, wasn’t as fulfilling.

His clients’ successes in the hunter/jumper show circuit led to them joining together to push Isaac to build and launch “ICE Equestrian Training Center” in Ocala, FL in 2015. He has found his niche in the rehabilitation of investment grade high performance equine athletes.